RAID Data Recovery Service
in Denver

If you think your RAID array is failing or has already gone off line, please use extreme caution before trying to repair it yourself!

Forcing a RAID array back on-line after a failure is almost never successful and frequently results in the permanent loss of data. Please read our article on RAID backup procedures before forcing an array back on-line. If our back up procedure is not clear call Data Recovery Link at 800-625-6451 or 303-649-1181 in Denver and we’ll walk you through our steps. If necessary we can do the RAID array recovery in our offices.

hard driveOur team of experienced data recovery engineers, based in Denver, Colorado, will go the extra mile to ensure your valuable data is returned to you as fast as possible.

Using the “rebuild” function built into the RAID controller is the number one cause of RAID data being permanently lost or corrupted even though the manufacturer will tell you it is safe.

If you are considering a self recovery attempt using the on-line rebuild or if you plan on forcing the drives back on-line (only available with some hardware) please read the following information page RAID Backup Procedures on how to backup each drive individually before proceeding.

Remember, forcing a RAID back online or doing a rebuild after your array has gone off-line is the main cause of permanent data loss. If you would like a free evaluation please call 303-649-1181 for instruction on how to proceed with the RAID data recovery process.


floppy disksIn the event that your RAID is making a clicking, grinding or scraping noise shut it down immediately. Allowing the drives to operate in this condition will likely cause extensive damage to the delicate media housed inside. The longer your drive runs, the less likely your chances of recovery.