RAID 5 Failure Description

hard driveIf you think your RAID array is failing or has gone off line please use caution! Forcing a RAID array back on-line after a failure is almost never successful and frequently results in the permanent loss of data. Please read our article below. and then call Data Recovery Link at 800-625-6451. We can recover your data even after others have tried unsuccessfully.

If your RAID has crashed or has gone off line PLEASE READ THIS DOCUMENT OR CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY before you try to force the array back on line! We understand RAID data recovery and our experienced technicians can help you understand your best course of action in recovering your critical data. In most instances, bringing a failed RAID array back on-line after it has failed will cause permanent corruption of the data.

When a RAID 5 array fails it is almost always due to a multiple drive failure not just a single drive failure. RAID 5 arrays have built in redundancy that can withstand one drive in the array failing. The array can continue to operate in a state known as critical or degraded mode and can read and write data while in this state. Because of this it takes two drives failing to finally take the RAID array off-line completely.

When and array has two failed drives the key to a successful recovery is determining which drive failed first and how long ago did it fail? If the RAID controller has a “force online” function, as some hardware controllers do, and the wrong drive is forced back on-line you will corrupt the array. As a result the data will be lost and not recoverable. Click here for a full detailed explaination of why data is lost when an out of date drive is forced back online.

We can help determine when it is ok to rebuild the RAID 5 array or to stop and take backup precautions. If you would like to send DRL your failed RAID 5 array, click our -Online Evaluation Form- and follow the instructions. It is extremely important that you do not try to resolve the problem yourself if the data on the RAID 5 array is important to your company and cannot be re-created or restored from backup. The complete and permanent loss of your data can occur faster then you can press the “are you sure” button.

floppy disksData Recovery Link is one of the nation’s leaders in RAID Data Recovery. We have been successfully recovering data from failed RAID arrays for more than 10 years. Our competent staff can help guide you through the process of recovering your data.