Recovering Bootcamp Volumes – It can be done!

We all have done it.  Install software then lose, misplace or otherwise not have access to the installation files when you need them.  Most Windows applications and some Mac applications can not usually be recovered from a damaged drive and then transferred to a new hard drive.  Even if it was possible, it is always better to reinstall applications from the original media.


We just recently had a client in this predicament.  Fortunately, his Windows operating system and applications were contained in a Bootcamp volume.  For those of you unfamiliar with Bootcamp – it is one of the technologies that allows you run Windows or Linux operating systems on a Macintosh computer.bootcamp


After getting a successful clone of the failed drive, we were able to restore the Bootcamp volume onto a new partition of his new healthy hard drive.  A little editing of the Boot.ini file and he was up and running with Windows and his applications just as they were prior to the hard drive failure.


So it just goes to show, you never know what is possible until you ask.  Ask us about your data recovery situation, you might be surprised by what we can tell you.